What is cloud computing?

How does cloud computing work, how can it help

Many folk are understandably confused by Cloud Computing and what it means. But all it really means, is any service that is run from the Internet as opposed to local PC or server. Gmail is a Cloud Computing, Yahoo mail is Cloud Computing. Online banking is Cloud Computing. Then of course there are multiple flavours, from Virtual PC's to Hosted Desktop, Office 365 to Google Apps.

So what's the big deal?! Well if you are a local networking group then I am happy to come and give an hour long presentation. But the simple answer is it provides low cost, practical, flexible IT solutions by sharing expensive resources.(doh! - typical nonsensical IT explantion!). Think of it as Pic'n Mix, just buy the bits you want when you want it. Don't worry about how it works. But you could have a fully functioning office, accessible from anywhere for as little as £3.30pm.

Is it safe? Is it secure? YES! Of course there is always a chance something can go wrong. *it happens. But it is far more likely that you will suffer a loss with your IT at home or in the office, which after all is also on the Internet! than have a security breach with a Cloud solution.

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What is Voip then?

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