Online backup solutions from £25 pa for 100GB

Failure to backup could cost you your business. Back it up! from £2pm

Do you backup your data? Please say yes!

Only when you lose it do you realise quite how much you rely on it and how often you use it. But then it is too late!

For Home users the worst thing is probably losing all your photo's. They can never be replaced. Your music can be. Memories of holidays or children growing up. Grand-children, Weddings, Friends, Parties, Parents. Then there is all your correspondence, tax returns, course work (lose that and you fail your exams) recipes, wedding plans, CV's. Need I go on?!

Business users you could lose everything. All your accounts, invoices, business plans, contracts, correspondence, emails, designs, drawings and more. You may be able to rebuild bits, but whatever happens you will lose some business.

What can go wrong? Hardware failure is probably the least likely. Theft, Fire, Virus, Accident, drop your laptop, spill coffee on it. Leave it on a train! Lots of different ways!

Backup does not have to be a complicated process. It can be as simple as copying to a memory stick. It can be fully automated. Whichever solution you choose, please just do it!

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Don't wait till it's too late. Backup NOW.

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